A modern FreeCell game for iPhone & iPad with:
  • beautiful graphics and animations
  • responsive, easy to use interface
  • choose from multiple themes ^
  • earn achievements
  • statistics, scores and leaderboards
  • share with your friends
  • clear animated help
  • hints and undos
  • autosave
  • iPhone & iPad friendly

(^ requires an in-app-purchase)

How to play

You can find animated instructions within the app by pressing the menu button (in the top left of the screen) and then the How to play button.

The game is setup by dividing the cards, face up, into 8 columns, which form the tableau. There are 4 empty home cells, each marked with a suit (Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, Spades), and also 4 empty free cells. The aim of the game is to build each of these home stacks up sequentially from the low card, Ace, to the high card, King.

A card may be placed onto a tableau stack if it is a different colour and one lower rank than the bottom card. (e.g 4H can be placed on 5C).

Each free cell may hold a single card as temporary storage, helping you to rearrange cards.

Normally only one card may be moved at a time in FreeCell, however it is sometimes possible to transfer a sequence of decreasing red-black cards (e.g 10S,9H,8S,7D) all in one go. To do so, it must be possible to construct the combined transfer by moving just a single card at a time. The length of sequence you can move in one go depends both on the number of empty free cells and the number of empty tableau columns there are.

If you get stuck, tap the hint button in the top right of the screen to see a move suggestion.

To end the current game and start a new one tap the new button in the bottom right of the screen.

Hints & tips

  • Uncover the Aces as soon as you can. You need them to start clearing cards to the home cells.
  • Plan out combinations of moves to uncover lower value cards, build runs and to clear columns and free cells.
  • Clear whole columns whenever possible. An empty column is a more useful storage space than a free cell since it can hold more than one card.


Q: What is the difference between easy, normal and expert modes?

A: Normal mode is the classic FreeCell game. Easy mode has deals which can be solved without many complex moves. Expert mode gives you only 3 free cells to work with.

Q: Are all games winnable?

A: In easy and normal modes all games can be won. Expert mode is tough, but still 99% of games can be won!

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