A modern Spider Solitaire game for iPhone & iPad with:
  • beautiful graphics and animations
  • responsive, easy to use interface
  • choose from multiple themes ^
  • earn achievements
  • statistics, scores and leaderboards
  • share with your friends
  • clear animated help
  • hints and undos
  • autosave
  • iPhone & iPad friendly

(^ requires an in-app-purchase)

How to play

You can find animated instructions within the app by pressing the menu button (in the top left of the screen) and then the How to play button.

Spider Solitaire can be played either with 1 deck of cards for a short game or 2 decks of cards for a longer game. The game is setup with a number of card columns (7 when playing with 1 deck, 10 with 2 decks) which form the tableau and the remaining cards face down in a pile called the stock. Depending on the difficulty, you may be playing with only 1 suit, 2 suits or all 4 suits.

The aim of the game is to create runs of cards all of the same suit from King to Ace. Once such a run is created it automatically moves off the tableau area.

Stacks must be built in descending order. You can start empty columns in the tableau with any card. Multiple face up cards can be moved at once if they are in descending order and they are the same suit (e.g 8S 7S 6S 5S).

If you run out of moves, make sure that you fill all empty tableau columns with at least one card and then tap on the stock to draw more cards onto the tableau.

If you get stuck, tap the hint button in the top right of the screen to see a move suggestion.

To end the current game and start a new one tap the new button in the bottom right of the screen.

Hints & tips

  • Try to stacks cards together of the same suit if possible.
  • Build on Kings and other higher ranked cards first.
  • Expose as many face down cards as you can and stack all the same suit cards before drawing new ones from the stock .
  • Use a cleared tableau column as temporary storage to rearrange your other stacks.


Q: What is the difference between easy, medium and hard modes?

A: In easy mode you play with only 1 suit, in medium you play with 2 suits, and in hard you play with all 4 suits.

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